Virgo is the second largest constellation that can be seen in the sky. In the southern sky it lies between Leo and Libra. Other neighbors include Hydra (water snake), Crater (cup), Corvus (raven), Boötes (bear keeper) and Serpens Caput (snake).

The constellation of Virgo is known in a wide variety of myths. As Eos, goddess of the dawn and also under the name Astraeia, the daughter of Astraeus, the 'father of the stars'. But above all she is famous today as Dike - goddess of justice. In most depictions she is shown with wings and an ear of wheat in her left hand. Dike lived on Earth during the Golden Age of humanity and cared about justice. This age represents the ideal of humanity, full of peace and harmony.

The Ear of Wheat is the position of the brightest star of Virgo - Alpha Virginis also called Spica. Spica is about 250 light-years from Earth and is the fifteen brightest star in the night sky.