APRIL 21 - MAY 20


The image of Taurus can be seen in the northern night sky and shows the head of a bull. Taurus is surrounded by Orion, Gemini (Gemini), Auriga (carter), Aries (Aries), Cetus (Choice), Eridanus (the river), and Perseus (son of Zeus).

This image is one of the oldest known constellations and had a special meaning for many advanced cultures. The stars marked the position of the sun during the spring equinox. The constellation was first mentioned and worshiped as a celestial animal by the Sumerians.

The head is formed by the V-shaped star cluster, the Hyades. This multitude of stars lies right next to the brightest star 'Aldebaran'. The Hyades are also known as the 'rain star' or 'Taurus stream'.

The brightest star 'Aldebaran' is also called Alpha Tauri in Latin. This orange-red giant star is the thirteenth brightest star in the sky.